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Custom wooden boxes suppliers with Logo

Custom Wooden Boxes with Logo Make an Event Timeless

Few things can match the elegance promoted custom wooden boxes with logo. This works from a branding point of view and has an element of timeless grace associated with it. Wooden box suppliers nowadays create wooden boxes that can be customized in numerous ways to be the best match for your professional or personal requirements. Beyond corporate purposes, personalized wooden gift boxes are equally in high demand. They add value and make corporate or private events memorable. A wooden box, presented in any format adds warmth to an event. Just as an instance, if you are going to gift a high-end watch, pen, or a perfume to a friend, it is a great idea to have a custom luxury wooden box made especially for the purpose, as it will make the gift more memorable. Luxury wooden boxes make a world of difference when they customized and made 100% unique for each client. When a client comes up with suggestions for elements that he would want his custom luxury boxes to include, a manufacturer should be in a position to incorporate the same comfortably. Dedication to customer satisfaction plays an important role in the manufacture of custom luxury wooden boxes. Custom wooden luxury boxes are useful for sophisticated packaging of a range of items. This includes wine, spices, chocolates, gourmet foods, or corporate gifts. A manufacturer should be able to deliver the finest quality custom wooden boxes, irrespective of the purpose of the same. Similarly, a manufacturer should have a sufficient number of options that enable a buyer to customize a luxury wooden box. One fine way is using laser engraving and branding over the boxes. The prevalence of custom luxury wooden boxes in the corporate environment is increasing fast. Numerous Fortune 500 companies use wooden boxes for corporate gifting. The boxes have a strong keepsake value and make one’s brand memorable. Wooden boxes make a brand come by as reliable and trustworthy. Irrespective of whether one celebrates a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or a corporate ceremony, if luxury wooden boxes are used, they should be created with great precision and accuracy. Luxury wooden boxes will present your product in the best possible light. Personalization should come in the finest of ways in terms of custom luxury wooden boxes. A manufacturer should instantly be willing to etch one’s logo or a graphic design over a wooden box. Similarly, when one designs luxury wooden boxes for holding or displaying wine, one should try and make sure that they hold all standard bottles of wine. A nice variety of luxury wooden boxes can be created for storing wine. They may have one, two, three, or more compartments. A huge slit may be cut into the small cellar, which allows one to see the brand of the wine stored. One may even use a glass covering for the windows. One then has a choice at customizing the type of lid that one would want to use for the mini cellar, or custom luxury wooden box. This could be in the format of a lid towards the top and swing open covers towards the front of the wooden box. The box may further feature inset dividers. Round finger pull closures may be used to add to the operability of the arrangement.

Variety in custom luxury boxes

Among the key traits that a custom wooden box manufacturer should have include his innovation and dynamism. He should be able to come up with an excellent variety of custom luxury boxes for all occasions and products. Luxury wooden boxes are frequently rectangular or cylindrical in shape. The variations frequently occur in the size of boxes and the kinds of lids used. Sliding lid boxes, as an instance is one of the finest ways to create wine gift boxes, and is recognized for its vintage look. They can be made to have an air fit lid. Similarly, hinged lid boxes make a top choice for a high-end presentation. Such boxes can be created in an elaborate variety, and are ideal for corporate events. Veneer cylinder boxes make a fine alternative for wine gift boxes. Veneer chest boxes, similarly, are a great choice for gifting high-end chocolates. Veneer oval boxes make one of the finest ways to present or keep degrees, diplomas, or certificates.

Customizing your luxury wooden box

You may choose to have a custom message etched over the luxury wooden box. This works particularly well for wedding gifts. A box may further have the preferred kind of a locking arrangement, with or without the keys. Among the top ways for etching the logo over a luxury wooden box is hot stamping, or stamping in colors such as gold or silver. One may alternately choose to go for a metal logo plate, machine engraving, laser engraving, or UV printing. One may further choose to go for the best-suited materials available for creating the box. It may have different types of finishing, based upon a client’s preferences. A natural wood color is an option always available at a client’s disposal. Lacquering creates a nice and bright appearance, while the stained/dyed look is exceedingly popular. Varnish adds a vivid feel to custom luxury wooden boxes. One has a choice for going ahead with either, color or clear varnish. Matt, glossy and glazed laminates are also among the top ways of adding finishing for the boxes.

Eco-friendly packaging

By using luxury boxes, one does his bit for nature because wood is a 100% recyclable product, and does not add to land or water pollution levels. By chopping trees in a controlled manner and planting trees, wooden boxes become the most eco-friendly form of packaging. Since wooden boxes are keepsakes, they are usable for preserving, storing, and displaying items. Alternately, wooden boxes sometimes become a DIYer’s delight. They can be put to a range of innovative and eco-friendly purposes, such as birdhouses and planters. Several people are fond of repurposing and reusing wooden boxes. Hand checking for quality parameters A luxury wooden box manufacturer should also make sure that each product that he creates is hand-checked for quality parameters. This adds to the essence of his services.