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The Stage provides professional project management services to luxury brands and retailers around the world. We create high quality, bespoke packaging & display solutions across multiple substrates including paper, card, metal and wood. We are fully affiliated with our state-of -the-art manufacturing partners, overseeing every detail of the design, manufacturing, QC and delivery process. By implementing leaner workflow processes and increased efficiencies to reduce operating costs, we create luxury packaging at very competitive prices without compromising on quality. We understand and respect brand values, and create packaging which reflects those values and the quality of product.

The value of custom luxury product packaging

The retail industry has grown by leaps and bounds across the decades gone by, and luxury retail packaging manufacturers, luxury box manufacturers, luxury packaging companies, and custom luxury retail packaging brands are incessantly in high demand. One of the reasons attributing to the development is the growth of the eCommerce industry. Similarly, since people have more buying power, luxury box manufacturers have a role to play in serving their requirements.

The eCommerce industry nowadays plays a role in serving consumers who have different tastes. People nowadays have an option at sending gifts online. This is just one arena wherein the role of luxury box manufacturers or luxury packaging companies become indispensible.

The first impression is the last impression. No matter how good a product is. While it is not presented right, it is difficult for the product to find success in the highly competitive market environment.

Among the numerous products sold online, a few are delicacy items. They include jewellery and chocolates. Packaging for such products should be top-class, irrespective of whether a buyer orders these products for personal use or sends them as a gift to a friend’s address. In some cases, people choose to buy products online and give them as a gift to a friend after driving down to the friend’s place. This adds a personal touch to the gifts.

When one drives down to a friend’s place for a party wherein he intends to present the gift, one might not be amused by the prospect of stopping by at the local stationer’s for having the packaging gift wrapped. There are cases wherein people are apprehensive about doing that. There are others wherein the stationery shop close to your home might be closed. You may have to go that extra mile for the gift wrapping to be accomplished.

The other option at one’s disposal is to do the gift wrapping right from the comfort of one’s home. This is an attractive idea, and you can personalize the gift for the friend. But one should have the time, initiative, and inclination to do the task. One’s artistic skills also play a role over here. When any of these are lagging, it may be possible that the results for gift-wrapping could be better. That’s not what one wants.

This goes to show that the role of custom retail luxury packaging is indispensible, especially in the field of eCommerce. Let us consider the instance of Amazon.com. When one buys something over Amazon, the website presents a checkbox before you, asking you if you would want the product to be gift wrapped. If you check it, they will fold the item nicely in a glossy gift wrapping and then send it to you. When you gift the item, all you’d need to do is add a nice happy birthday card over the gift and mention the recipients’ names and your own. You can add a ribbon with a bow towards two of the adjacent borders. And you have a great birthday package ready for you.

When the external packaging makes so much of a difference to a gift, so does internal packaging. Custom luxury retail packaging hence comes by as a matchless tool for branding. This makes a difference when one shops online or at a brick and mortar retail store.

When one buys something online, the boxes in which the product is sold is displayed over videos and photographs. Sometimes, a viewer gets to see a 360-degree view of the photographs.

A buyer will nevertheless first consider if the product that he intends to buy is good. The next area of consideration is the packaging. Custom luxury packaging hence delivers a competitive edge for your product. This will be high on functionality as well. When you buy something, you’d prefer to have a nice box to store it at home, on a shelf, or in a drawer or almirah. The packagings in which the items come in are the default boxes where a buyer will consider storing them, provided the packaging is good.

Similarly, with a good luxury packaging box, the buyer wouldn’t mind keeping the item over a shelf, because it adds to the aesthetics of the room and the entire home. Moreover, luxury packaging will ensure that the buyer will use the item more often, and think of your brand.

This works the same way in real-world retail stores as well. Studies show that luxury packaging boxes render an influence over shoppers’ buying decisions. They come to feel that your brand is well known, even while you are a start-up. Luxury packaging boxes promote the feeling of reliability, which reflects over your brand and your products.

Luxury retail packaging comes in various formats. The magic of custom packaging is that the sky is the limit when it comes to choice. If you want a wooden box cut out round, with a base, that holds a deluxe luxury watch, the vendor will be more than delighted to design it for you. Similarly, if you prefer that it is made of cork, and has cream and burgundy coloured wood in different textures, that too can be easily arranged.

You may alternately decide to go for a luxury packaging box for candies made from cardboard, or a similar arrangement for storing fountain pens, jewellery, or showpieces. One may even go for luxury retail packaging for something easy to misplace, such as earbuds or other electronic items.

Luxury retail packaging also comes in the format of tin boxes. A few of the brands such as Nivea have been popularized by the virtue of their product’s packaging in tin boxes. The quality of the product also lies behind its popularity.

Logos of a few brands, such as Nivea and Coca Cola have been popular for many decades. This is a concept that is reasonably prevalent to date.

You can have custom luxury retail packaging boxes made for your products. They can come with your company logo. This can be a fine technique for branding.

The logos can be carved nicely over luxury wooden boxes. They can also be etched over a metallic or a tin surface. Custom luxury retail packaging adds value to your products and brand, and brings in more sales.



Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience to ensure that the packaging we produce truly reflects your brand values and the quality of your products.


Close collaboration with our manufacturing partners enables us to produce packaging using multiple substrates including paper/card, wood and metal. We control the design, quality & production schedules by operating as ONE TEAM under one roof.


With full support from our factory owners, we have implemented leaner workflow processes to minimise costs. We offer competitive prices with no compromise on QUALITY.


Quality is at the heart of all that we do. It is evident in our standards of service, technical support, attention to detail, and our finished products.


We are committed to using sustaibale processes and materials from certified sources.


We subscrible to the SEDEX methodology. Our transparent policy allows us to openly share audit records. Clients are welcome to visit our manufacturing sites on request.


As a leader in the industry, The Stage has gained a wealth of the knowledge and expertise which we utilise when working with our R&D teams and manufacturing sites in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico. We also offer creative support from our European designers.

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